Gussing Gasifier Plant

Feed Stock

Wood Chips Rape Seed Grisp
Brown Coal Clover Pellets Sewage sludge
Barley MSW Coal(mixed with biomass < 30 wt% coal)
Saw Dust Bagasse Bamboo
Julifloria Palm Fronds Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) etc

Plant Sizes

From 4 MWth (1MWel) to 100 MWth (25MWel) capacity, to be scaled in direct multiples for electricity, Synthetic Natural Gas ( Bio-SNG), Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis (Bio-FIT) and Hydrogen (Bio-H2 ).

Typical Syngas Composition

Gas Percentage
H2 ~ 40 vol.%
CO ~ 22 vol.%
CO2 ~ 21 vol.%
CH4 ~ 9 vol.%
N2 ~2 vol.%
other ~6 vol.%
Minimum Calorific value > 12.50 MJ/Cubic Meter

Key Parameter for 1MWEL Capacity Fuel (Fuel Input)

Gas Percentage
Biomass Input (depending on feedstock) ~ 800-1000 kg/h
Syngas after gasifier ~1400 Nm3/h
Usable syngas ~ 900 Nm3/h
Usable calorific value of syngas ~ 1.48 MWh
Thermal efficiency based on syngas only * ~ 70 - 74%
Usable heat ~ 35 - 40%
Achievable electrical output ~ 1 MW
Overall efficiency (incl. biomass dryer operation) ~ 55 - 60%
Achievable SNG output ~ 300 Nm3/h
Achievable Bio-FIT ~ 30 bbl/day raw product (Naptha, Diesel, Wax)
Achievable Bio-H2 -800 Nm3/h
*can be increased using waste heat recovery for thermal applications, such as district heating and cooling, or ORC processes

Residues and Waste

Fly ash (biomass ash, attrition from olivin and dolomite; amounts depend on feedstock used), clean waste water; no condensate