From the MD's Desk










Dear Friends,


At the outset I would like to thank you for taking interest in GP Energy.

There is an insatiable need for energy for human development across the globe. Unfortunately, currently the major energy source, is fossilized oil & coal – the global stock of which is fast depleting, creating an alarming demand – supply gap.Secondly, the increasing rate of consumption of such fossil based fuel has led to profuse emission of greenhouse gases causing global warming and climate change.

With a complex backdrop as above, progressive development and use of sustainable and renewable energy seems to be the only way to meet the ever increasing demand for energy.

In GP Energy, we are committed and dedicated to explore all possible ways and means to harness the power of green. With increase in an already exploding population disposal of Municipal  Solid  Waste(MSW) has become a burning issue today. GP Energy now has the technology for converting the organic part of the said waste material effectively to valuable energy through the world class Gussing FICFB gasification technology.

I cordially invite you to join hands in our endeavour and sincerely hope our efforts will help create a cleaner and greener environment for generations to come.

With warm regards,

Jayabrata Mukherjee.
Managing Director.